Welcome to AbRegen

AbRegen is a preclinical stage biotechnology company that specialises in the development of antibody-based therapeutics for tissue repair applications.

AbRegen owns a broad intellectual property portfolio related to the modulation of Flightless I, a key regulator of cell growth and migration. The technology has application to disorders of cellular movement and proliferation, including non-healing chronic wounds, burn injury, cancer and fragile skin disorders.

AbRegen’s current development program is focused on an antibody-based (anti-Flightless I) therapy for inherited epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a group of genetic disorders characterised by fragility of the skin and recurrent blister formation. Children with severe forms of EB are at risk of developing chronic wounds with ongoing infection, scarring, debilitating hand and foot deformities and invasive skin-derived squamous cell carcinomas.

With preclinical studies demonstrating that anti-Flightless I antibodies are able to promote rapid and sustained healing of EB blisters, increase skin strength and inhibit the growth of skin cancers, AbRegen is now aiming to take a topical antibody-based formulation through to Phase 2 clinical trials.

A therapeutic antibody approach to regenerative medicine.